What Do You Know About Horsepower?

December 29th, 2017 by

How much do you know about horsepower? Most of us certainly think about horsepower in terms of the strength and towing capacity of an engine. We even believe that the more horsepower a vehicle has, the faster it will accelerate to the desired speed and the speed at which it can travel. While these characteristics are correct, the majority of folks do not know how the word “horsepower” came into existence or to what it refers.

Simply put, 18th-century steam engine designer, James Watt, found a way to encourage consumers to purchase more of his product by observing ponies as they worked in a coal mine. He estimated one horsepower to be equivalent to the amount of weight one pony could pull in a single minute (33 pounds). He used this measurement to his advantage when talking with potential buyers, and it continues to be used today for the purpose of selling modern vehicles.

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