Preventing Your Vehicle’s Fuel Line From Freezing

December 16th, 2017 by

Running your vehicle on a gas tank below half its capacity is dangerous for your vehicle during the freezing times of winter. Your fuel line must stay clear in order to allow enough fuel through it to properly run your engine.

A frozen fuel line can cause your car the inability to start and if the engine does happen to turn over, it can cause the vehicle to stutter when driving. Always ensure that your vehicle’s gas tank doesn’t fall below half capacity throughout the winter. How do you prevent fuel line freezing?

  1. keep your vehicle stored in an isolated garage – keeps vehicle temperature above freezing
  2. Use fuel line anti-freeze additives – removes water from fuel line
  3. Keep your vehicle’s battery fully charge – increases engine turnover rate in such condition

Stop by Waseca Chrysler Center to pick up a bottle of fuel line antifreeze and ensure that your vehicle doesn’t go through the challenges this winter of operating with a frozen fuel line.

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